Death of a Character

When I say “death of a character” I do not mean IT dying in our pages.


I meant IT dying in our minds.

It sounds weird, right? But this thought came to me after reading a “writer’s block” post, and it said “let the story brew in your head for a while”.

How long is a while?

I had this amazing idea in ’09; but I could not take off with it! It was so complex, I was letting the character decide their own faiths up in my head. Then I’ll play the role of the medium. However, days turned to weeks. Weeks to months. Months to — it’s 2017… I feel the characters slowly dying in my head.

They’re in a state of coma I know they won’t come back from.

Has the story of these characters dry up from so much overthinking?

You can feel them slowly slipping away, and there’s

nothing you can do to stop them from reaching the light.

An untold story.